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12 Types Of Fraudsters You’ll Meet In Ghana

12 Types Of Fraudsters You’ll Meet In Ghana That Have Nothing To Do With The Internet

At the mention of fraudsters, one thing that quickly comes to people’s mind is Internet Fraud or what is popularly known as “Sakawa” in Ghana.

But there are many other fraudsters out there who don’t even know how to hold a mouse not to talk of using the internet to fraud people. They do it in all manner of ways, and most of them prey on innocent people who are in need. So without further ado, here are the types of fraudsters you will find in Ghana.

1. Estate Agent Fraudsters

These type of fraudsters prey on people who are searching for accommodation and pretend to be real estate agents. They will charge you ¢30 to ¢50 before showing you an accommodation which does not exist or you do not like.
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They just look out for some vacant dilapidated houses they obviously know you wouldn’t like and when you refuse, they will promise to get you a new one and that will be the end of it, you will not find them again.

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You can count yourself lucky when you get involved with this kind because you will only lose some few cedis, but if you’re not lucky and you encounter the “hardcore” ones, you’re doomed. They will actually show you a very nice house, quote  you a cheap price and actually send you to a landlord who will rent the house to you. You are likely to lose ¢10,000 to ¢15,000 only to realize the house is actually not for rent.

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