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13-year-old boy dies after burning bible

A 13-year-old boy is reported to have died
mysteriously after setting a Bible ablaze in the
Kwaebibirem District of the Eastern Region.
Residents believe he was struck by thunder
when he set the holy book, belonging to his
father, on fire.

Father of the boy, Opoku Afriyie told Joy News’
Kwetey Nartey “I received a distress call from
my wife informing me that our son had died. I
came home to meet his lifeless body with my
burning bible by his side.

“My son had always complained we were not
making enough time for him but I’m a church
leader and I cannot shirk my responsibility to
the church and God’s work”, he added.
The grieving father said although he did not
take his son’s request serious, he believes his
untimely death was caused by evil spirits.
A resident who gave an account of the incident
said the deceased had threatened to burn the
bible when his parents returned from church
Wednesday, but he was ignored.

“So it was when the parents were away that he
went for the bible and set it ablaze, then
something knocked him down and he died

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He added, “the father said for the past week
the boy has been using pages from the bible as
a toilet paper and has been punished severally
for the act but he refused to stop. His parents
complained about this many times”.
He said residents are worried about the
incident because they are afraid a calamity
could befall the community.



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