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Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom — Back Together And On TV?

Lamar Odom Facing Jail for Cocaine Possession After Hospital?

Lamar Odom, 35, is still in dire medical straights after he slipped into a coma on October 13, stemming from a cocaine overdose in Nevada, and it’s been a real fear that this revelation would come back to bite him, despite his fragile condition. The district attorney in Nye County, Nevada, where the Love Ranch brothel is located, has determined what they’re going to do in Lamar’s unusual case, according to a source who spoke to TMZ. Read on to hear their decision.

Finally, some good news for Lamar. While the Nye County Sheriff previously said in a statement that there would be a high likelihood Khloe Kardashian’s husband would be pressed with drug possession charges, the DA says that’s not necessarily the case. There is little reason to believe Lamar will be prosecuted for cocaine possession at this time. Relive better days by snagging Khloe and Lamar’s fairytale wedding episode of KUWTK here!

What goes into the decision now, according to the DA, is an assessment of Lamar’s medical condition and mental state. As you were told, Lamar is having trouble speaking and walking, and his cognitive functions are still low. He may not even be able to stand trial! But if so, the DA may not end up pressing charges.

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This isn’t a case of Lamar cutting cut a special break, if anyone tries to argue that! There hasn’t been a single case of anyone in Nye County prosecuted for cocaine possession after they were sent to the hospital with severe injuries,

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