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27 Year Old Woman’s Butt Implant Explodes At The Gym While Doing Squats – MUST Video

Serena Beuford, 27, was working out with a
friend. After Beuford’s friend finished working
out, she attempted to record Beuford doing
squats to post the video on Instagram.

As Beuford was squatting, she heard a loud
pop; which prompted her to immediately stop.
Soon after the popping sound, Beuford fell to
the floor screaming in agony from the pain.
Jewel, a patron of the gym said:

I heard a loud popping noise followed by the
woman falling to the floor. She was screaming
my a** is gone!!!; I had no idea what she was
talking about until I saw her cushion like butt
missing when EMS took her out the gym. She
used to always show off her butt in the gym
and tried to get guys attention with her work
outs. She was rushed to the hospital where she
went into a coma possibly due to the trauma.
Doctors say Serena Beuford is in serious

Beuford’s sister, Jackie Beaford said:
My sister Serena had visited an unlicensed
clinic to get the butt she really wanted (64
inch bottom). She started to become famous
on Instagram and even got a job at a club.
Guys would look at her differently and buy her
expensive stuff just because of her butt.

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