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4 Explained Reasons Why Obinim Compares To Mahama On Winning Strategies

4 Explained Reasons Why Obinim Compares To Mahama On Winning Strategies- A Good Read

I remember that song so well. It was played so often that I thought a TV network had been granted the clearance to change the National Anthem. I’m sure Phillip Gbeho and Michael Gbordzoe wouldn’t have been exceptionally excited.

“Mentor’s gonna take you higher ‘rrrr’

Mentor’s gonna take you ther ‘rrrr’

Stick to TV3 Mentor ‘rrrr’


Who were your favorite contestants? Mine were Prince Tuffuor and Hakeem.

It was just a popular song then but it resonates more now, especially the first two lines. According to The Etymology Dictionary 2010, the word Mentor is of Greek origin. It refers to a character in The Odyssey, a friend of Odysseus who offers counsel to his son during the father’s long absence on sea. The Mentor is actually Athena in disguise, the goddess of war and wisdom who guides and sustains Odysseus through his journey. The word represents intent, purpose, spirit and passion. Both the mentor and the mentee should have intent, purpose, spirit and passion; – Obinim is my mentor.

You may dislike my mentor’s doctrine and his episodes from the Discovery channel, turning into different species of dolphins, dogs, cats, lions and ‘gogome’. However, you cannot deny his evident intent, purpose, spirit and passion. I am not a believer in many of his messages but I think he is a fine communicator. He understands his audience and knows how to keep them. I sometimes wonder how Obinim and President Mahama have so much in common. Maybe they were colleagues at the post graduate level. I just cannot help but admire the President during every media engagement. He has it going. He speaks so well of Ghana and he just does it with spirit and passion. I get so engrossed and excited about his speeches but right after he is done, I turn around, look around and look back at the TV and wonder which Ghana he was referring to. He understands his audience. Well, whether his audience feel same about him or not, is not for me to say but I’m sure November has a loud mouth and all the courage to talk, I don’t. All the world is a brand. Communications is the blood line of every successful brand. Obinim is a successful brand.

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