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5 Big Celebrities Caught With Fake Wear – See Photos

Since Shatta Wale continues to trend on Ghanaian social media for wearing a fake Adidas Hoodie in his recent “Bie Gya” video, we decided to dig into archives to bring you some popular celebrities who have been caught in the same web in the past. This is by no means to exonerate Shatta Wale of the obvious gaffe he has committed, but to inform you.

These seven celebrities have money, fame, and power. So why in the world are fashion bloggers catching them rocking fake Louis Vuitton? Some say replica designer Louis Vuitton is a mark of a celebrity being a rebel; others say the stars are just cheap. What do you think?

Anyway, here they are, seven rebellious and/or cheap celebrities caught with their fake Louies.

The Hangover was sued for using a fake Louie in the movie.

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