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5 mind-blowing positions for a one night stand

One basic tip for a one night stand: “Take it slow to build the arousal before hitting the sheets”.

There is usually something that doesn’t quite click when you are having S3@.x:’ with a new person. Having S3@.x:’ with a new guy for the first time is bound to be a bit nerve-wracking.

It is really important to be totally sure you are ready for this deed even before the foreplay commence for that life affirming org@.$ms.

Some S3@.x:’pert argue that ‘amazing S3@.x:’ usually comes from really knowing your partner’s body’ which is nearly impossible in a one night stand that’s why we rounded up 5 best position for making the experience memorable in a good way.


How to do it: Imagine that you and them ain’t nothing but mammals, baby. Then do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

Why it’s great for just one night: Real talk, it’s the most one-night stand of all the positions. You aren’t looking at each other, it’s totally animalistic, and you can play with your clit and really feel yourself. Done and done.

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Weak in the kneels

How to do it: Great for two women in particular, one of you lies on their back while the other lowers herself onto them. The one on top can control the pressure by lowering or raising herself down, or the one on the bottom can use their hands to guide.

Why it’s great for just one night: Because it’s hot AF. You’re really just going for it, and it has a great feeling of letting go and it being all about your pleasure. You can even add a toy if you’re feeling wild.

Kneeling reach around

How to do it: One of you kneels on all fours, while the other kneels behind you think doggy style. Then you can use your fingers for penetration, reach around for clit play, or add a vibrator. Both of you should have at a least a free hand, so the possibilities are endless.

Why it’s great for just one night: An amazing twist on the traditional doggy style, you get that great animalistic feel which can collapse into modified doggy. It’s really all about the S3@.x:’, so it’s perfect for a one-night stand, according to

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Coital ailment technique

How to do it: Think missionary technique, but with your pelvis slightly higher and with your legs wrapped around their hips. This helps make sure they’re hitting you in the right place.

Why it’s great for just one night: Because a one-night stand normally includes morning-after S3@.x:’, and you both want to be comfortable. This is a classic position with a twist that makes it more likely you’ll reach org@.$m, all while you can ignore your pounding headache.

X marks the spot

How to do it: With you lying on your back, your partner stands up and rests your crossed legs against their chest. It’s a tight squeeze, so don’t be afraid of lube.

Why it’s great for just one night: Because it’s an adventurous position and an incredibly tight fit, and your hands are free to play with your clit. Oh, and did I mention it’s a great view for both of you?

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