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5 mistakes that can ruin your marriage

5 mistakes that can ruin your marriage | Esp #4

Marriage doesn’t necessarily require work but it does require attention. Nothing thrives on neglect, and marriage is no exception.

A single mistake may not cost you your marriage. But commit any of these spousal sins, our expert says, and your marriage could turn sour.

Here are the most common relationship blunders to avoid in your marriage and what healthy best practices to do instead.

1. Agreeing to things you don’t really want to do. 

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Signing on to something you don’t support  what people call making a concession sows the seeds of resentment, and resentment kills relationships.

To avoid making resentment-forming concessions, you don’t take any action unless both of you are on board. It should take two yes votes to move forward. One no means you either abandon the idea or keep talking about until the reasons for the no are resolved. This requires both of you to be honest with yourselves and with each other.

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