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5 People in your life who hold you poor and affect your personal finance

Bill Gates once said if you are born poor it is not your mistake, but if you die poor it is your mistake.

According to him, everybody has the power to control their financial health and that is by doing the right things and associating with the right people.

Here are some of the people who may keep you poor:

  1. Your Spouse

Is your spouse’s spending habits hurting you financially but you cannot say no because you love her/him?

You will not achieve your financial goals without having a spouse who shares the same aspirations with you.

  1. Your Children

According to The State of Ghana Population 2011 report, 1.8 million married women have unplanned births every year; the numbers have since gone higher.

Having a child is said to be the single most costly thing that most people will do in their entire lives.

Yes, children are a blessing from God but the least you can do is plan your parenthood. Determine when, how many and where you raise your children as these will have direct impact on your finances.

  1. Your Parents
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Many fall into financial crisis as they have to support their parents.

It’s common practice in Kenya to have parents educate their children with the hope of a better future both for them and their kids.

Support your old folks the best way you can, but don’t do it until you pass the same to your kids when you get old.

  1. Your Employer

Employers world over will always seek to pay you the least amount possible. That is understandable because they are in business and they need profits.

But in a country where 70% of young working class are unemployed, underemployment and underpayment is the order of the day.

Many opt to remain underpaid than take a step. Never be afraid to ask your employer for a raise based on your market value. If your reasons are convincing, the employer won’t mind otherwise keep looking for a job that will accept your terms.

  1. Your Rich Friend

Many people would rather struggle with debt, than admit that they can’t afford something. Peer pressure keeps people poor, she says.

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Take charge of your personal finance, have the right people around you.

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