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6 Favorite Cars Of ‘Sakawa Boys’ In Ghana

6 Favorite Cars Of ‘Sakawa Boys’ In Ghana

Sakawa is the local term for internet fraud. Those involved in this act use various means including the spiritual, to get what they want from their victims.

After getting their money, they then proceed to acquire some property with the first mostly being a car. Yes, they love cars. You’ll have one sakawa boy with about 5 cars.

However, they don’t just buy any car, there are certain specific cars that they love and below are 6 of them.

1. Toyota Corolla

This is probably the first they acquire before they buy any other. Maybe for it’s fuel economy.



2. Toyota Camry

This comes after the Corolla, that’s when more money starts coming in.

3. Range Rover

For the big boys.


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