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6 Signs A Lady Want To Sleep With You When She Comes Visiting

6 Signs A Lady Want To Sleep With You When She Comes Visiting

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Guys are not only guilty about this, sometimes we ladies really feel the urge to be alone and get down with someone we have a crush on. OK enough said lipsrsealed

I know some people might take me as a bad girl but I don’t care. I am going to state the fact and hey I am here to have fun.

1. She comes to your house with a short skirt or a short gown:short skirt

Some guys don’t seem to understand the signs though. The thing is, we ladies are very conscious of what we were, so coming to your house looking like a hot model is a cue.

2. She lays her head on your shoulders or laps: sleep on shoulder

This is a very popular trick we use but some guys are too quick to start kissing and pressing… This is not cool, it makes us uneasy and we change our mind. Why don’t put just take it slow and wait for the right moment then you see we actually prepared for this before coming.

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3. Telling you we want to sleep and you shouldn’t disturb:sleep

Let me tell you a secret guy, no girl I repeat no girl will ever come to your house if she feels she is tired and will not enjoy herself when she comes (trust me)

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