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8 Childhood Cartoon Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

8 Childhood Cartoon Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

If you’re a 90’s kid, look no further to be completely shocked and dismayed when it comes to the possible truths behind your favorite cartoons. There are some pretty mind-blowing and borderline atrocious conspiracy theories hidden behind some shows that you were happily watching with a goofy and unknowing smile on your face. Ignorance is bliss, is it not? But the possible truths are pretty fascinating; see for yourself.

1. The Rugrats kids weren’t real.

A popular theory buzzing around about The Rugrats is that it’s a completely imagined world in the head of Angelica as a way of coping with death.
The theory goes on to explain that it’s possible that Chuckie died along with his mom which is why his father is constantly nervous and borderline neurotic. Along with Chuckie being dead, Tommy is thought to have been stillborn, which is why his father spends his time making toys (as a way to suppress his child’s death and keep the memory of his child alive) and the twins were aborted. Frighteningly depressing, isn’t it?

2. Snow White is about the symptoms of cocaine addiction.

There are some theories out there that truly believe that Snow White is a fictional representation of the seven stages that people go through when they’re addicted to cocaine. “Snow White”, is often used as a nickname for the drug itself, and therefore only makes sense that the seven dwarfs are a symbolic representation of the addiction. Such symptoms would include feeling Dopey, Sneezy and Grumpy.

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Makes you wonder, huh?


3. SpongeBob Squarepants’s Bikini Bottom is the result of nuclear testing.

Your favorite underwater characters are potentially the mutational result of radiation. Theorists believe that Bikini Bottom actually derives from Bikini Atoll, which is an actual island in the Pacific where the United States conducted nuclear testing. The theory goes on to believe that the leftover radiation mutated the underwater critters to give them human characteristics and autonomous thinking.

4. Smurfs are secretly white supremacist Nazis.

But isn’t the smurf village all about happiness and sunshine and blueness? Wrong. It may be a white supremacist village. I’ll let that sink in for a little bit while your childhood memories crumble into a tiny pile of sadness.
According to some theorists, your favorite white-hatted, blue-bodied cartoon characters are white supremacist Nazis. This theory doesn’t only stem from the fact that when the characters fall ill they turn black, lose intelligence and become aggressive (hinting that black people are less intelligent and more aggressive than people of other races) but also that the villain Gargamel is a money-worshiping, big-nosed man, which are two well-known offensive stereotypes of Jews.

5. Captain Planet are actually the kids from the Magic School Bus.

The similarities in the characters’ physical characteristics lead some people to believe that the Magic School bus was a decoy school to brainwash kids into becoming pollution-fighting adults in their later years.
Anything to save the planet!

6. Donald Duck may have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Since he was a paratrooper in World War II, it is thought to be believed that he suffers from PTSD, which would explain his erratic, distraught behavior and his constant flashbacks. He also has some anger issues and hypervigilance, which is an enhanced state of sensory sensitivity.

7. Inspector Gadget is actually Dr. Claw.

You know when they say that you’re your own enemy? Yeah, well, your favorite inspector may be the literal translation of that sentence. The idea behind this theory is that no one really ever gets to see Dr. Claw’s face. Another theory that tags along with this idea is that Inspector Gadget was created as a robotic form of the man Dr. Claw used to be before his disfigurement.

8. Tom and Jerry is full of Nazi propaganda.

Fascinating fact: Tommies was a nickname given to British soldiers, while Jerries were used as a nickname for the Germans back in World War II. In the cartoon, Jerry was always the good character and often fell victim to Tom’s violence and conniving schemes, but always seemed to win with his superior intelligence. Theorists strongly back this idea considering Tom and Jerry blatantly and on multiple occasions shows war branding during the show.
You don’t necessarily have to believe anything but they really do get you thinking and they make you realize that even childhood cartoons may have a deeper meaning than you think!
Source: Diply
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