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9 mind-blowing disguises of Anas Aremeyaw Anas + Photos

Few people can tell you what Ghanaian super-
sleuth reporter Anas Aremeyaw Anas looks
like. “I’m sorry,” he apologized to an audience
during a 2013 TED talk, speaking through a
mask. “I cannot show you my face. If I do,
the bad guys will come at me.” Those bad guys
are numerous: For over a decade, the
internationally-acclaimed journalist has made
it his mission to expose all stripes of
criminals, from seedy outlaws to crooked
cops to rotten public servants. What’s more
incredible is how he’s done it—with inventive
ruses and elaborate disguises that make James
Bond’s adventures seem snoozy by
comparison. We’ve collected a few of his most
memorable busts, along with tips on how he
pulled them off, here.

    After earning his degree from the Ghana
    Institute of Journalism, Anas landed a gig at
    The Crusading Guide newspaper in 1999. His
    first scoop stemmed from a simple question:
    If street hawking is illegal in the city of Accra,
    why was it so rampant along one of its busiest
    motorways? The answer lay in a popular
    peanut snack called Nkatie Burger. Anas
    posed as a hawker, hustling the treat to
    motorists stuck in traffic. In the process, he
    learned that cops were taking bribes from the
    hawkers. After seven days of reporting, he had
    his proof, and his story. At TED » , he
    reflected on that first assignment. “I thought
    that I should do it in a different way,” he said,
    “so that it has maximum impact.” The
    statement more or less sums up his career.
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