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AB Crentsil cheated on me several times - Wife reveals

AB Crentsil cheated on me several times – Wife reveals

Adwoa Bombo, wife of highlife legend Alfred Benjamin Crentsil [AB Crentsil], has revealed the veteran Ghanaian musician has on several times cheated on her but she remained resolute to keep the marriage.

“My husband is an entertainer, I have caught him cheating on me severally, but I don’t react in public,” Adwoa said in Twi when she was called on phone to talk about the challenges in her marriage with AB Crentsil who was being interviewed on Anigye Mmre Onua 95.1FM in Accra.

She said she never confronted AB Crentsil in all those moments she caught him having extra-marital affairs with other women noting “I wait till he comes home. When he is back and sees my mood and attitude, he end those relationships”.

Adwoa said her marriage has not been all rosy over the years as some would think, saying “I can tell you, I have really fought to sustain my marriage till now that he is 73 years”.

“Uncle AB this is your wife Adwoa Bombo, God bless you, give you long life. Let us live long for our great-grandchildren to grow up well to see us. You have brought honour to our children, family and the country Ghana. I really thank you,” Adwoa told AB Crentsil who was emotionally touched by the words.

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But AB appeared not surprised by the revelation and admitted to having had extra marital affairs with other women and thanked his wife for being behind him over the years, especially in hard times.

He said “Adwoa Bombo, God bless you for honouring me, God bless you for standing behind me for all this years, I really thank you”.

Starting off in music as a member of the Strollers Dance Band at Takoradi in 1967,Crentsil moved on to play and compose songs for other bands, including El Dorados band of the Aboso Glass Factory, The Lantics, Sweet Talks and Ahenfo.

He became one of Ghana’s favourite musicians in the 1970s and is noted for some controversial songs like Atia and Moses

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