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Ace Hood Deserves More Than $25k For ‘New Guy’ – E.L

Ghanaiana rapper and
producer E.L, known in
private life as Elorm
Adablah, says Ace Hood
deserves more than
$25,000 for his
collaboration with
Commenting on Sarkodie’s controversial
‘New Guy’ song on Okay FM’s Drive Time,
the rapper said Ace Hood’s voice alone is
$25,000. He continued that the song is
an investment for Sarkodie which will
help him for many years.
E.L, speaking to Abeiku Santana, host of
the show on Friday evening said;
“The only reason why anybody
will pay such amount of money,
will be to get the song played in
his home and to his country for
his people. On the other side, to
get the music played to the
audience in the west, Ace Hood’s
The music producer and rapper
explaining why the song is an investment
for Sarkodie said;
“It’s an investment because it will
be played out there for people to
listen and appreciate Sarkodie
and start patronizing his
When Abeiku Santana asked E.L if ‘New
Guy’ will be played in America, the
“American Passport” rapper answered
“charley, that is the thing. Let’s pray it
gets played out there because here we
love it”.
Commenting on why Ace Hood has not
said anything about the song after it was
released on any of his social media
platforms, E.L said “maybe he is using
other medium to promote it.”
Sarkodie and Ace Hood’s collaborated
song ‘New Guy’ after it’s released sparked
a controversy in the country. Whilst
some Ghanaians including musicians
Wanlov and A-Plus think the song is not
worth its hype and money involved,
others also think Sarkodie and Ace Hood
did extremely well on the joint.

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