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Ambolley Salutes Samini, Talks Against “Dancehall King”

Gyedu Blay Ambolley has applauded Ghanaian musicians for their enormous work in helping the Ghanaian music industry. He applauded Samini for how far he has come as an artiste but advised that he promotes his culture from the North through his songs.

Ambolley further talked against titles that some Ghanaian musicians are fighting over including “Dancehall King” which has become popularly among dancehall artistes in Ghana. He said this in an interview with

“We did more for the music than this current generation because we made the world to know there was Ghana that had highlife music. All the people that came from the other side of the world knew about Highlife but should they come now they will meet a different sound that is not highlife, that’s the snag between the older generation and the new generation.”

“Samini is from the North; you listen to the sounds coming from the north, they are heavy sounds among the Frafras, Dagombas and more and to me I think that’s what he has to be exposing. He can put the Dancehall on these sounds so that when the Jamaican hears a Samini song, he will know this is a different Dancehall. This is what we should be tapping into instead of copying.

“Bisa KDei is doing well, Obrafour also started very well, but the younger ones get fascinated by what’s happening on TV and think that’s the best way to go. Now, artist sit in Ghana and call themselves Dancehall Kings and things like that even though we know if there is a Dancehall King , the person will come from Jamaica. Are you a king more than the people who originated it? It can’t be. There’s more to be done than what we are seeing now.”

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