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As iPhone 6S launches, new Apple TV, iPad Pro steal the show

New versions of its streaming television
box and a beefed-up tablet may be just the
shot in the arm that Apple needs.

It was supposed to be all about the iPhone
6S .
For the last three years, Apple has shown off
a variety of tricks and “magical”
announcements such as its Siri voice assistant
or a fingerprint sensor. One thing was
consistent: The new iPhone was always the
That changed on Wednesday when Apple
debuted a new Apple TV streaming-media box
and a larger, more work-friendly iPad Pro.
Both offer a refreshing break from the typical
progression of a slightly better, slightly faster
More importantly, both products emerge at a
time when the world’s No. 2 smartphone
maker can is trying to prove that it can sell
more than just, well, smartphones. The Apple
TV — its first update in three years — comes
as the company looks to re-establish its
leadership position in the streaming TV box
market, which is now filled with heavy hitters
such as Google, Amazon and Roku. Likewise,
the company hopes the iPad Pro will inject a
little life into its tablet business, whose sales
have fallen for six consecutive quarters.
Unlike its iPhone line, which is the undisputed
leader in premium smartphones, it’s unclear
just how successful these new products will
be. But that’s also what makes them a lot
more exciting — there isn’t that sense of

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The new products also serve to break up an
“S” year iPhone upgrade, which many view as
more pedestrian because there are few
changes to the physical appearance of the
phone (hardware changes typically occur
every other year). Apple on Tuesday unveiled
the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, which both offer
more horsepower, a better camera, and a
stronger aluminum body. Every S year
typically comes with a marquee new feature,
such as the Siri voice assistant or its TouchID
fingerprint sensor. This year’s big addition is
3D Touch, which adds a pressure sensitive
display tha t allows you to pull up different
menus based on how hard you tap the screen.
But it likely won’t be the iPhone 6S or 6S Plus
that Apple enthusiasts will be talking about in
the coming days as they process all of the



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