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Bat with Human-like PENIS Scares Residents of Assin Bereku (PHOTOS)

A “strange” was electrocuted to death and discovered by passersby at Assin Bereku. 

The bat’s nature has sent shivers down the spines of the residents after they discovered that it had wht looked liked a penis.

Residents believe the bat to be a spiritual animal and thus gave it befitting burial after they performed some few sacrifices.

However, NsromaMedia.Com search online revealed that bats do have penises and their penis and testes bear a striking semblance to the male reproductive system.

You know when a man does something incredibly stupid in pursuit of a woman, and everyone assumes he’s just “thinking with the wrong head”? That’s the case all day, every day, for bats. The bigger the bat testicles, the smaller the bat brain, and vice versa. Brains and balls are both energetically expensive to develop and maintain, so bats really do have to make a choice as to which one they will think with. The one they choose depends on the mating system of the species. More promiscuous species have larger testicles. Large testicles produce more sperm, which increases the chances that your sperm, rather than a competitors, will fertilize a female. But that comes at the cost of a smaller brain.
The biggest bat balls account for up to 10% of the bats bodyweight. For a 180 lb man, this would be the equivalent of lugging two 9 lb bowling balls around in your pants every day – and then being dumb to boot.

Some bats have a bone in their penis, and this is called OS PENIS (OS means “bone”). Some bats are like men, and do NOT have bones in their penises.

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