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Becca ‘ Kisses’ Bisa Kdei .. .

Don’ t be surprised if Ghana’s next celebrity
couple turns out to be Becca and Bisa Kdei.
The alleged/secret relationship between these
two lovely singers have just been confirmed
with the picture below…

Becca shared a picture of Bisa Kdei on her
instagram few minutes ago and with a kiss
attached to the picture , we can say with no
fear that Becca and Bisa Kdei are officially
dating .

Checking the comments from fans on her
timeline , it seems we are not just the only
people happy for these great musicians in
Ghana .

Becca and Bisa Kdei ,, aside their mutual
feelings for each other have other things in
common; they are two talented musicians,
song writers and mostly singing about love. So
clearly , they are a perfect couple .
Congratulations to Becca and Bisa Kdei . We
wish them the best in their love life …



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