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Bishop Obinim Raises 3 From The Dead

Bishop Obinim Raises 3 From The Dead

If you ever thought you have heard the last from Angel Bishop Obinim then you must me joking, because according to him, he will be elevated to a god status soon and i bet these miracles proves the controversial man of God is on his way to being a god.

Obinim’s social media officer Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya, who every week brings us the best from the Bishop’s church services, made the information known through his social media page.

According to him, a man came to the church today and narrated how the Bishop, reportedly through God’s influence, managed to raise three people from the dead (simultaneously saving the man’s life).

It’s a really remarkable (read: bullsh*t) story that deserves to be read unadulterated from the source.

Check it out here….

God through Bishop Obinim raised three people from death

This man is a sliding door manufacturer. His company is emacom plus in Kumasi and Tema. His name is Emmanuel Boateng.

He got a contract at cape coast to work on a building. He went with his workers. He revealed Bishop Obinim appear in his dream and warned him not to work on the next day which was Sunday.

He said Bishop Obinim appeared third time and warned him again. The next morning he was informed that his workers have fallen from a skyfold and all the three were dead. He decided to report to the police.

On his way he met an old woman who told him he will follow him to wake the three from dead. The old lady went with him to where the three were and demanded for a tomato leave but they didn’t get some, suddenly tomatoes leaves appeared in her palm.

She applied the leaves on the nose of the three and suddenly they woke up from death. After that the woman told him he (Boateng) has made pulpit for her and she loves him so much. Meanwhile this gentleman has crafted a pulpit for Bishop Obinim in all the three branches of his church.

He said he turned to see the old woman, surprisingly she had disappeared. He is church to give testimony to God.

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