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Bola ray : ‘i started empire from my car boot’ – read the story of the rise of ghana ’s 4th most influential person

A fair number of successful people shy
away from telling their grass-to-grace
But for young broadcaster/entrepreneur
Kwabena Anokye Adisi (Bola Ray), the story
of how he managed to surmount the odds
on his way to the top, is worth sharing.
In the very latest issue of Glitz Africa
magazine, he tells the story (among
others) of how he started his popular
events company Empire.
Bola Ray, as he is widely called tells a very
touching narrative of how Empire came
into being, and how he refused to be
browbeaten into accepting that it couldn’t
be done.
In a tell-all, he reveals how Empire started
from the boot of a car he owned at the
time, and how one question from a client
changed and paved the way for what is
now one of Ghana’s most revered event
“… i started empire from my car boot in
2005. I used to go on a program known as
‘paradise,’ and we used to go round doing
media buyIng for a company known as
Burger Foods. so one day i went to Burger
and they asked ‘we are doing a TV Program
we want you to help with, where is your
office? I told them i didn’t have an office,
i work from my car boot.
“So it got me thinking, why don’t i set up
an events company and organize shows. So
i thought about it and told my good friend
Ignace of 4Syte. At that time he was at Pig
Farm, editing my Paradise TV program. I
told him about us getting a better place so
we could all work from there.
“So one day i was there when he called and
said he had gotten a place at
Larterbiokorshie with an office space in
front. I grabbed that opportunity and we
started off with pool parties. I remember
we did Yegoala and Tesano, and everybody
was asking why we didn’t go to Conference
Centre. But i said no, i have to start small
because i didn’t have the money then. So
we started small at Yegoala doing pool
parties, and then in 2010, we decided to
go big by doing ‘Ghana Meets Naija.’ I had
told some friends about it but then people
laughed at me and said it wasn’t possible,
and it was a big dream. Are you sure
you’re going to get Naija artistes? This is
going to be a one off project and it will die
off after a year or two. But i was so
convinced. That is me, when i’m excited
about something, i put my all into it.
“So i told a friend called Kevin Kobiri that i
really wanted to this project, and he told
me he would support, and if i didn’t have
the money he could come through with
the cash, afterwards i would pay back. So
we teamed up and we did ‘Ghana Meets
Naija.’ And this year. to the glory of the
Lord, it’s the 5th year of ‘Ghana Meets
“So that is the dream, from paper to
reality. From there we moved on to the
Malta Street Dance. We’ve done stuff for
Smirnoff, Bel Aqua, MTN, and a whole lot
“… I also want to thank my partner Collins
A celebrated young achiever, he is
currently CEO of EIB Network, a media
group that owns over a dozen on-air,
online and print media properties across
A multiple award winner, he won the
Radio Personality of the year and Celebrity
of the Year at the GN Bank Awards
(People’s Choice Awards held this year.
He is currently ranked Ghana’s 4th Most
Influential Person according to a poll by
local television network
The Emperor’s Family appears in the April
(The Relationship issue) edition of GLITZ
By: Obed Boafo/

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