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M.anifest x Sarkodie

Breakdown of the Conversation Between M.anifest x Sarkodie

M.anifest x Sarkodie

So i took time to listen to both tracks and I tried to breakdown the conversation in my own way. It was more than a song; a reply and a conversation. Clearly M.anifest attempted to not only diss and dismiss Sarkodie but to address whatever Sarkodie said on his Bossy track. Interestingly, I noticed most Sarkodie fans on social media had issues deciphering some witty wordplays and punches so attempted to decipher a few here: 6 Damning Punchlines in M.anifest’s New Song that Should Scare Sarkodie

Let us deal with the conversation here:

  1. Sarkodie : Manifest meserε wo lemme just use your “dor dor dor ti dor” to end this verse #Bossy

Manifest : Go to the market, buy yourself some manners…Don’t use ma name in vain. That’s just for starters #godMC

  1. Sarkodie: Mehn I’m feeling bossy #Bossy

M.anifest: When the boss is around who can you boss around? #GodMc

  1. Sarkodie: I’m a king but I don’t feel I gotta wear crown #Bossy

M.anifest: What’s a king to a god emcee? #godMC

  1. Sark: “Omo se Sarkodie ndropi punches. I can do it really but the point is, wo rapi na wo punchi pii aa Joe you sound immature.” #Bossy
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M.anifest: “We some intelligent niggas that cannot dumb it down. Even my nonfa back then had sense in it”

  1. Sark: Ya measure me, y3si me rap y3 thick tall, ya’tra degree, afe na m3’dru 6″4′ #Bossy

M.anifest: 5″10′ but my rap be TeeTaller… #godMC

  1. Sarkodie: Me ho me rete, gye mete 3 shots tequila. #Bossy

Manifest: Don’t get intoxicated by these drunkard. They run on prejudice it’s a trump card #godMC

  1. Sarkodie: Fake niggas, snake niggas, I don’t like #Bossy

Manifest: god MC never been a faker #godMC

  1. Sarkodie: You dis me but you can’t defend your own. Wo hyia me a cool but you pretend on phone. #Bossy

M.anifest: All the m.anifans know that i’m there for ‘em I’m in rare form, Madinafour know sey i’m there for them #godMC

This is the full lyrics; Full Lyrics of M.anifest’s godMC Song ( Sarkodie Diss)

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