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I send nude pictures to Bulldog so that he can have sex with his wife - Obaapa Shatta Wale

Bull Dog Attacks Mark Okraku Mantey

Bull Dog the Ceo of Bullhaus Entertainment was called on phone about some issue concerning Shatta wale and it became exchange of words between the two. Bull Dog was very Furious about what Mark Okreku Mantey and Arnold  Asamoah-Baidoo said.Bull Dog took it to his Facebook. This What he said early Sunday morning. A PUPPET AND AN ATTENTION SEEKER?
Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo you just caught mine, by describing Shatta Wale as an Attention Seeker and me a Puppet. Let me start by giving you props for now discovering the “mystery” of
entertainment in your callow years of entertainment reportage. Let me make bare the meaning of ATTENTION as a learning curve
for you: the regarding of someone or something as interesting or important. Everything in entertainment is about seeking ATTENTION,
amassing audience, staying relevant and top of mind awareness. This is our forte at Bullhaus Entertainment. It’s a SHOW, so how can we “SHOW ” people our “BUSINESS” if we don’t seek their ATTENTION? Let me leave the expatiation on
the relevance of ATTENTION in show business for another day. I hope in referring to me as a
Puppet it was not in denigration,if not then in that same spirit Ialso point out to you as the
“biggest puppet”. If you will permit me a line or two to use a scenario as proof of you being
the “biggest puppet”. I set agendas for you as content for your radio discussions and
newspaper articles. Note that it’s my “folly” that you hold in high esteem and makes your newspaper headlines as a “wise journalist”. It goes to make you  relevant by attracting attention of your audience. The same “folly” puts stipends in your pocket and food on your table as a “wise journalist”. Without my “folly” you have nothing to drive home to. And now to seek your attention, the meaning of a puppet: a movable model of a person or animal that is used in entertainment and is typically moved either by strings controlled from above or by a hand inside it. So my learned friend unless you want me to refer to you as uninformed, we are all puppets. Some of us are steadily mastering the art of puppeteering and now pulling the strings of the likes of you. I have always been a puppet since the days of 5five and love being one, unfortunately for you I am not your Puppet… did I just write that, am I serious? You just made me one by gaining myundivided attention to do a piece on you. It’s only upright I return a favor, since all these years you have been “my Puppet”. I hope by this piece you don’t become quick-witted and stop being my Puppet, because you have been highly instrumental in my growth as your Puppet Master. To Micky Darling of Peace FM, I am hoping is not the same Micky Darling that helped in pushing 5Five way back but if it’s him, I understand his position because he’s still way back where I knewhim. Big bro, BigBen Music has stopped buying CD rights long ago. Food for thought. My mentor Mark Okraku Mantey heard your advice unfortunately I can’t take if you don’t serve it to Blakk Rasta first. “Dewu-fie-asem” And please Akwasi Aboagye I will be in the studio next time to enlighten your ill informed panelists where entertainment is heading in the fast approaching future. To Socrates I doff of my

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