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How fanta, sprite and vitamin c causes cancer

The Vice Chancellor of Benson Idahosa University, Prof. Ernest Izevbigie has insisted that taking Vitamin c with Fanta and Sprite soft drink could cause cancer and other health illness. Vanguard reports that he expressed concern over the non-compliance with the order of a Lagos High Court mandating the National Agency for Food, Drug and Administration (NAFDAC) to compel the Nigerian Bottling …

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Do you agree with new law? Cheating boyfriends must eat menstrual blood put in their stew

Should one go back to their cheating partner

A jilted lady has stirred up controversy on social media indicating that men who cheat on their girlfriends deserve to have their stews prepared with ‘menstrual blood’. ‘Sophia Gold’ believes it is the only punishment that will help cheaters reform urging all females to try and put their blood from their periods in specially prepared stews for such persons. She …

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This is the best place to retire in the world

Picture postcard West Sussex has knocked Dorset off the top of the retirement league as the place for golden oldies. For the county which includes the seaside resorts of Bognor Regis and Shoreham as well as cathedral city Chichester has been named number one for quality of life for pensioners. Low crime rates, good health care and better than average …

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Meet the woman who donate breast milk to 15 babies – she shares her wonderful breast size

Is Breast the reason men love women?

For those lucky enough to be able to breastfeed, it really is an incredible thing. It allows new mums to bond with their little ones while protecting them from infections and diseases. And while it isn’t for everyone, new studies show more than 73% women now start breastfeeding. But one new mum has taken it to a whole new level …

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You just don’t want to experience this horrible honeymoon – couple go through hell on their honeymoon

Jetting off to Turkey on their honeymoon, Jodie McGuinness and her new husband looked forward to a relaxing week in the sun after weeks of wedding “chaos”. The loved-up couple didn’t take much money, planning to make the most of the all-inclusive features and swimming pools at their four-star hotel in Marmaris. But, they claim, the trip ended up being the “worst week of …

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There’s a quirky new trend. People are painting vaginas on their fingernails. It’s the latest fairly bizarre thing to hit Instagram. Some of the designs are incredibly detailed. Genitalia is all the rage. Aptly dubbed ‘vagina nails’, women are meticulously painting the female sex organ on the tips of their fingers, seemingly for no other reason than to celebrate it. The art isn’t exclusively …

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For most people, an engagement ring is the most precious piece of jewellery they will own in their lifetime. It symbolises a promise, a future and and a very exciting time. It’s something you will (hopefully) wear every day for the rest of your life. So what do you do if when the moment comes, and the love of your …

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People are happier if they are able to feel emotions they desire – even if those emotions are unpleasant, such as anger and hatred, a study suggests. The results of the study, compiled by an international team of researchers, found happiness is “more than simply feeling pleasure and avoiding pain”. Researchers asked participants what emotions they desired and felt. This …

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Life After her BREAKUP with Actor Kofi Adjorlolo

It seems like after the disapproval of marriage by her father to the actor Kofi Adjorlolo, Ghana’s sexy diva Victoria Lebene Mekpah has gone back into her acting career and this time around she is onscreen with Ghana’s freshest and hottest Actor, Mc, Script Writer Anthony Woode in a short film titled ‘BITTER SWEET WINE’. Bitter Sweet Wine happens to …

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Amazing Kente Styles That Will Make You Slay For Any Occasion

Just like African prints, Kente has become one African fashion trend people all around the world love to wear and it is always eye catching to see them rock it in different amazing and gorgeous designs and styles you would love to own. Either for the gorgeous bridal wears, an elegant wedding guests outfits, or for the glamorous looks on …

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Unmarried men are useless – Counselor Lutterodt


Pastor and Controversial Counselor, George Lutterodt has described men who are not married as ‘useless’. Likening them as spoilt vegetables in a dustbin, he said single men including Roman Fathers and even the Pope lack the blessings of God in marriage. “Marrying a woman is a blessing. A man who is of age, yet not married is as useless as …

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Ladies,Your Husband Is Your Master And Not Your Equal”-Pastor Chris

Forbes List Top Richest Pastors In Africa (See List)

Most problems in marriages today started when individual men started forming churches and making their wife head of marriage counseling, and their wife started propagating funny doctrines with the support of their husband (the Pastor) claiming that husband and wife are equal. Husband and wife are equal in the whites’ court marriage were either party can walk away once they …

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