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10 incredible facts you didn’t know about Kumkum Bhagya

10 incredible facts you didn't know about Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya has undoubtedly registered its authority as one of the most popular soap opera ever to be aired on Ghanaian Television. It has lots of viewers in Ghana and beyond, the Indian series started airing in Ghana on Adom TV somewhere 2015, and we believe even though the series has been over a year and counting — there are …

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KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: “Alias Vows to Insult Abhi More After Pragya Leaves” on Monday 26th December 2016

The Episode starts with Dadi saying thanks to Abhi for stopping Pragya from leaving the house. Akash says you doesn’t know what Abhi did to stop her. Dadi asks what? Abhi says let it be and asks why did she want to stop her. Dadi says when Pragya was leaving, she saw old Pragya in her and got emotional. Abhi …

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Veera Update on Tuesday 11th October 2016

Veera is amused that Bansuri called her an orphan and said that she’s responsible for her parent’s death. Chaiji, Nihal and Ratan are enraged. Veera asks what does orphan means and Ranvi says orphan is one to whom God loves the most. An angry Nihal goes to confront Bansuri and Chaiji follows him. Nihal confronts Bansuri and blasts her for …

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Veera Update on Monday 10th October 2016

Chaiji becomes furious at Ratan for throwing the food away, and informs her that she will leave the house. However, Ratan stops her from leaving. Baldev steals money from his house.Ratan has dinner with the family members. Veera feeds her. She asks Nihal to feed Ratan, but he ignores her. Gurpreet confronts Kartaar for asking Nihal to leave Ratan’s house. …

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Kumkum Bhagya : Abhi is scared to tell this truth to Dadi that he …..

In Zee Tv’s Kumkum Bhagya Aliya’s (Shikha) plan fails as Abhi is unsure about his and Tanu’s (Leena) relationship The forthcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show that Aliya and Tanu are happy as Abhi has proposed Tanu. Aliya is happy as her plan is working smoothly according to her will, Aliya organizes a grand party. Aliya asks Abhi to …

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The Lady From Vendaval Update on Saturday 8th October 2016

Today’s #theladyfromvendavalonjoyprime Silvana sees Luciano and Valeria and is devastated. Timoteo reproaches Lencho for having laughed at him. Cristian thinks that the adoption is a trick so Nuria doesn’t give him the divorce. Nestor tries to calm down Silvana. Silvana decides to show the video to Luciano herself and she asks Nestor for discretion. Nestor asks Leonel to continue watching …

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