Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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A Nigerian University Lecturer Solves 156-Year-Old Mathematics Puzzle

A Nigerian University Lecturer, Dr Opeyemi Enoch, has done the nation proud by successfully resolved the 156 years old Riemann Hypothesis,considered to be the most important problem in Mathematics by providing a Proof. Dr Enoch, who teaches at the Federal University, Oye Ekiti (FUOYE), attained the feat ,thus become the fourth egghead to resolve one of the seven Millennium Problems …

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Awesome: 3 Benefits of Insuring Your Phones

Why insure your phone? Insuring your phone will allow you to get a replacement phone if yours is lost, stolen or damaged. Our policies cover: Insurance Policies Click the policy name below to find out more: Phonecover Insurance – This cover is for handsets less than €500. Smartphone Accidental Damage Insurance – This cover is for smartphones worth more than …

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10 Things you don’t know about Nigeria Artistes

Explosion killed 32, injured 80 in Nigeria

Here is a list of 10 Things You don’t know about Nigeria Entertainment. Nigeria Entertainment is growing rapidly but some entertainers bank account still not growing rapidly… Well we all know Payola is a normal thing in Nigeria right now but we don’t know some things that’s why I pity lot of youths who wanna venture into music or entertainment …

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Top 100 greatest guitar riffs vote

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