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Here’s Exactly What Goes On In The Minds Of Men After A Breakup(With Pictures)

A girlfriend is not a wife

It’s an assumed fact by many ladies that guys are emotionally unavailable. But that is a lie, guys are very emotional, except we know how to hide those nasty emotions, especially after a breakup. A lot goes on in the minds of men after a breakup. Below is exactly how guys react to a breakup. 1. Start drinking Most guys …

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‘Short Men Must Make Money Before Marriage’ – Counselor

Controversial counselor, Reverend George Lutterodt has advised men who are vertically challenged to be financially sound before considering marriage. According to him, men below the average height who are fortunate to have wives should forever be grateful to them because most women claim to love ‘thick tall’ men. “I am encouraging all the short men. Be careful not to lose …

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Life After her BREAKUP with Actor Kofi Adjorlolo

It seems like after the disapproval of marriage by her father to the actor Kofi Adjorlolo, Ghana’s sexy diva Victoria Lebene Mekpah has gone back into her acting career and this time around she is onscreen with Ghana’s freshest and hottest Actor, Mc, Script Writer Anthony Woode in a short film titled ‘BITTER SWEET WINE’. Bitter Sweet Wine happens to …

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Ladies Get In Here!! If You Want Respect From Your Man Don’t Do These 9 Things(With Photos)

Your man loves you, of course. But there are still things that girls do that men hate and which can easily cause them to fall out of love if we keep on doing them. Just like girls, men have a tolerance level that can eventually be broken. If you push them too far, you could well find yourself back on …

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13 Sentences You Will Hear Girls Say When They Like You Especially #11

13 Sentences You Will Hear Girls Say When They Like You

When ladies love guys, they have special words for expressing the love. Sometimes they would say stuff that seem like insults but to them, they are just teasing you the guy and nothing serious. It’s all about love, it’s all about love. Get to know some 13 sentences you would hear often 1. “…BIG HEAD.” The ultimate term of endearment. …

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