Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Couple wows everyone with awesome village themed pre-wedding photos

A Nigerian couple has taken to the social media to show off their beautiful and unique pre-wedding photoshoot done in the village. This couple decided to be unique as they travelled to the village to take their pre-wedding photos. They sure had lots of fun during the photoshoot session. Looking at the pictures, the bride-to-be was returning from the farm …

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A restaurant has come under fire for holding a promotion aimed at giving discounts to women with larger breasts. Trendy Shrimp sparked complaints from locals to the council when a sign appearing outside the establishment advertised lower prices for women with bigger cup sizes. The poster in a mall in Hangzhou, China, shows cartoon versions of women with varying chest …

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Scientists Find A “Weak Spot” In HIV That May Pave the Way to a Vaccine

IN BRIEF Research conducted by a team from the National Institutes of Health reported a new vulnerable site on HIV for vaccines to target. It is based on an antibody from the blood of an HIV-infected patient that binds with the virus and also prevents it from infecting a cell. For decades, scientists all over the world have been concentrating …

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BREAKING NEWS- Brazilian senate has voted to impeachment President Dilma Rousseff

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff is to face trial after the Senate voted to impeach and suspend her. Ms Rousseff is accused of illegally manipulating finances to hide a growing public deficit ahead of her re-election in 2014, which she denies. Senators voted to suspend her by 55 votes to 22 after an all-night session that lasted more than 20 hours. …

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ISIS Kills 7-Y-O Boy in Front of Parents for ‘Cursing Divinity’

A 7-year-old child was executed by the Islamic State terrorist organization in Syria last week on the grounds that he violated the group’s strict version of Islamic law by “insulting divinity.” According to the Kurdistan-based ARA News agency, eyewitnesses and rights activists said the barbaric militant group IS (also known as ISIS or ISIL) killed a young boy named Muaz …

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Meet Britain’s first ‘black and white’ identical twins

They have contrasting skin tones, eye colours and hair types. But remarkably, these two babies are actually identical twins. Amelia and Jasmine Appleby, who have just celebrated their first birthday, are thought to be the first ‘black and white’ genetically identical twins born in the UK. Despite coming from the same egg, the siblings look strikingly different and are often …

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