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Check Out This Mom’s Hysterical Reaction To Her Daughter’s Engagement

When you’re dating someone, it is always good to know that your significant other’s parents like you. If you are in a relationship that you intend to be in for the long haul, it is best to be on the good side of the parents, because there will be an endless amount of holidays, vacations and family dinners in your future.

If you get super lucky, you may even really like them, too!

When you’re ready for marriage and get engaged, you want your family and friends to be just as excited as you are.

While many significant others ask for parental blessings before getting engaged, like the boyfriend who turned a surprise party into a surprise proposal did, other’s decide that they would rather surprise them with the good news like the couple in this video.

Setting up an incognito camera on the hood of their car, they lure the family outside to shock them by showing them the ring.

Although everyone seems to be extremely happy for the couple, no one is happier than mom, who begins to scream and jump for joy until she disappears into the house.

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Her reaction is everything a significant other could hope for and more. Something tells us this is going to be one fun wedding!




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