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Check out the types of Penises and their differences

Check out the types of Penises and their differences

There Are Two Types Of Penises When It Comes To Size, Here Are The Differences.

At times, men look at their penis and think it’s small when they compare it to others. But what they do not know is that, there are two types of penises and the type is what can deceive you when it comes to which is small and which is bigger.

This has caused many men to go in for drugs, surgeries and machines just to enlarge their member all because they see Kwesi’s own to be bigger than theirs and at the end of the day, the little guy ends up in shambles.

What we need to understand here is that, there are men whose members looks small when flaccid, but when erect, they become more bigger and there are men whose member looks big when flaccid but doesn’t get any bigger when erect, it still looks the same as when it is flaccid just that it becomes harder. These two types are called GROWERS and SHOWERS.

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You will be surprised to know that, a penis that looks smaller when flaccid can grow or erect to be bigger than a penis that looks bigger when flaccid.

Without much ado, here are good explanations for both types of penis.



A penis that is disproportionally big when flaccid relative to the final erect length.

Showers have caused young men a little angst over the years. One problem is they do not understand that most penis’ are close to the same length when erect. Thus, when they see a man (who happens to be a shower) with a bigger flaccid penis than them, they falsely assume his penis is much bigger than theirs when erect. In fact the range of penis size is small enough that it’s unlikely. It is more likely they are a grower and will have a greater increase in length from flaccid to erect than the other man.

You should not judge a book by its cover.



A penis that is disproportionally small when flaccid relative to the final erect length.

This type of penis is likely to increase more in length when erect than a shower but when flaccid, it looks small and at first sight you might think you have a small penis but when erect, it can add up 2-3 inches more to the length while showers can only add 0-1 inches in length.

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That is why I personally call growers, “Ma tricky wo”, because women see it and they are like, “Oh! I can handle this” but it gets in there and they start snapping their fingers because it seems different in there than what they saw.

As a man, you should know whether you’re a grower or a shower so you don’t go about crying you’re small or rushing in for drugs and surgeries you don’t need.

In the case of a shower, you’re likely to see a man with 8 inches in length when the penis is flaccid and when erect, it’s still the same 8 inches, doesn’t change, it just becomes engorged and hard, the length still remains the same.

And in the case of Growers, you might be 5 inches when flaccid but you can shoot to 9 inches when erect and drop back when flaccid again.


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