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Coping with sexual harrassment

MUST READ: Coping with sexual harrassment

If you’re being sexually harassed, you have every right to feel angry! The question is, What can you do about it? Plenty! Here are a few suggestions. Firmly refuse sexual advances.

Aggressors may assume that a halfhearted no really means yes—or at least maybe—unless you convince them otherwise. If you giggle or act coy, even out of initial embarrassment, it could send the wrong message to the harasser. Be firm and direct. That is your best defense! Make a scene.

Young Anita says of her harasser: “I had to embarrass him in front of his friends by loudly telling him NOT to touch me that way!” The result? “All his friends laughed at him. He was very cold for a while, but a few days later, he apologized for his behavior and later even defended me when someone else tried to bother me.”

If words don’t work, walk away. Better yet, run. And if escape isn’t possible, you have the right to fend off molestation. Says one girl, “When a boy tried to grab me, I punched him just as hard as I could, and I ran!” Tell someone. “That’s what I finally had to do,” admits 16-year-old Adrienne.

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“I asked my parents for advice on the situation when a boy I thought of as a good friend just wouldn’t leave me alone. The more I protested, the more persistent he became, almost as if it were a game.” Adrienne’s parents had practical advice that helped her cope with the problem. No doubt your parents can help you too.

Having to deal with sexual harassment is no fun. But always remember this: You need not be helpless victims of bullies; neither should they tolerate or be allured by the advances of a harasser. By taking the steps mentioned, you can deal with these challenges

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