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Why Dating Mature Men Is Way Hotter For You

Why Dating Mature Men Is Way Hotter For You

Are you looking for the perfect gent? We’ve cracked the code to all things chivalry and we’re here to share our findings..

Praise the generation of the gentleman! Mature daters hold a particular set of romantic skills that most women could only dream about.

Being dropped off at your doorstep or coming home to a bouquet of flowers on a mundane Tuesday are charms that are sadly no longer part of most of our dating lives. Mature daters? You’ve got it better than anyone else because the men of the gentleman generation are waiting to shower you with respect, kindness and support.

In the modern day, we’ve got used to limp texts reading ‘outside’ and we wouldn’t blink twice at the thought of halving the bill, flowers for no reason? He must have cheated.

Luckily for you mature daters, the gentleman is still around and he’s here to impress, so get your finest lipstick on and be prepared to be treated every bit as fabulous as you are. What are these skills made of you ask? Well here’s what to expect when dating a Mature gent.

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He Makes Reservations

A gentleman will always make a reservation, even if it’s a weeknight. He puts planning into the date and it shows. Reserved tables are always going to be the best seats in the house and it guarantees your evening will go to plan. No hiccups, no panicking and one smooth road to date night success.

He’ll Call You

He uses the old trusty telephone, something a lot of us have forgotten about in a world of social media, snapshot communication. He’s mature enough to speak on the phone and have a flowing conversation. He’s experienced in life and his social skills are proof of this. No doubt he’ll call at a suitable hour and he’ll ask tentatively about your day. No ‘KLKL LOL ?’ to be found here. (That’s ‘cool laugh out loud, cheeky tongue face smiley’ to you and I)

He Opens Doors For You

It’s a textbook basic and it will never go unmissed when dating a gentleman, it’s the polite move to make and shows chivalry and good manners. It’s also an opportunity for you to make an early decision about your date before you’ve even sat down as it says a lot about a man. Going out of his way to make your

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He Has Excellent Table Manners

A man who takes his time to eat his dinner, his table etiquette is perfect and you don’t have to wince as he talks with a mouth full or worse yet, plays with his food. There’s no rush to finish your meal and he’ll always offer you a bite because sharing really is caring.

He Wouldn’t Kiss On A First Date

A true gentleman would never kiss a lady on a first date, no matter how much he wanted to. Respecting your date is the priority and he would never want to make you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. You always come first, no matter of his desires! A simple peck on the cheek makes the best goodbye.

Whether you believe in backing the chivalrous men of today or if you think we should settle for a fairer attitude towards dating, the numbers we’ve found suggest chivalry needs to make a speedy comeback!

77.4% of people in a relationship believe men should pay the bill on a first date.

18.9% think the bill should be split.

Being late was voted in the top 5 turn offs from a first date

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96% of women like to receive flowers when they’re not expecting them.

51% percent of single people surveyed said that flattery is the best way to attract someone.

Both sexes agree that a peck on the cheek is the ideal way to end a date.

87% of women believing that good old fashioned manners still count.

He Walks Curb Side

Walking nearer to the curb is an act so old school it’s almost extinct so if your date does this, you know you’re on to a winner. Walking curb side is to protect the lady from any dangers of the road. These gents are adorable. I’ll take two.

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