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Meet The Ghanaian Woman Who Does

Would You Drive A Taxi With A Master’s Degree? Meet The Ghanaian Woman Who Does

Being a female taxi driver is considered an odd job for most Ghanaians but Esenam Nyador’s story is even more special as she is a University graduate.

The 38 year old mother of two is best known by her clients as Miss Taxi is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Family Resource Management at the College of Basic and Applied Sciences at the University of Ghana. According to her, after completed her firstdegree, she said to herself that she’d rather choose to be a taxi driver than stress over the frustration of having to seek for a job as a university graduate.

She told Beam Blog:

“In 2013, I finished my first degree at the University of Ghana. Rather than do the typicalthing and send out hundreds of applications in the hope for a job, I decided to start something by myself. I also had a strong entrepreneurial streak. That, paired with a bold personality, made me eager to try out starting something in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Many of my friends accuse me of being a social deviant [laughs]. I chose taxi driving because this is is a very non-traditional thing to do for a woman in Ghana, and I think of my decision as a gender statement. I didn’t mind stepping on a few toes to changethe status quo.”

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