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5 Most Funny Statements By Mahama

Everyone Knows President Mahama is Lying About these 5 Promises

If the toad promises you a chair, you have every right to call it a liar because if it had a chair, it wouldn’t be squatting. Same is the case of President Mahama’s manifesto. Of course, a few things are doable, I must admit, however, that given what we have seen in this government, we wouldn’t be wrong to turn Helen Keller to these new promises. On NsromaMedia.Com today, lets take a look at these 5 promises:

  1. Provide tablets to all students:

Mahama Gives Executive Approval for $80m Purchases of ‘Usain Bolt’ Pre-paid Meters

We saw how RLG swindled Ghanaians with similar promise a few years ago. I was at Legon at the time and it got to a point where students alleged that the tablets were being given based on tribal affiliation. Having a name like Kwaku Nsiah Asante meant that my letter requesting for a tablet would not even be looked at. If Mahama is promising this again, my guess is everyone knows that it is a lie.

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