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Father Buys Son Lamborghini To Stop Beatings

Father Buys Son Lamborghini To Stop Beatings

Walter Krant’s son, Joey Krant, 22, has been beating him up since he was 15 years old. The beatings started when Mr. Krant disciplined his son for writing obscene graffiti on the neighbor’s house.


“I told him after he spray painted genitals on the neighbor’s garage door that I expected better behavior from him and, as punishment, he couldn’t have his dessert that night,” Krant says. “That’s when he kicked out my legs and kidney punched me and then ate all the ice cream in front of me while I lied there sobbing.”

Things grew worse when Joey started demanding cash, designer clothes, jewelry and even a trip to Disney World on a private jet. Every time Krant refused a lavish request, Joey beat him.

“I called the cops once after I refused to buy Joey a gold crown and some Air Jordans and he broke my nose and Joey got in some big trouble, but I knew if I kept reporting him he would end up in prison. His mom is dead and he’s all I have. I don’t want my son’s life ruined because of me.”

The beatings reached their apex when Joey threw his father off the balcony stairs, breaking his father’s back, which resulted in partial paralysis (Mr. Krant can no longer feel his legs). Mr. Krant hadonce again tried to discipline Joey after he found him smoking crack in the swimming pool with members of Joey’s rap group (House of Ass).

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“Once I couldn’t walk, I knew I had to stop Joe before he killed me. Joey is [a] Lamborghini fanatic,” Krant says. “I told him I’d get him a really fresh Lambo if he signed a contract promising he would stop giving me beat downs.”

Joey happily signed a one page contract. A month later, Joey had a Lamborghini Gallardo parked in the driveway.

“So far, he hasn’t hurt me,” Krant says. “He’s stuck to the contract even when I tell him no. Although, he now refers to me as cock sauce which I’m upset about. I’ve asked him nicely to stop, but he won’t. Maybe one day Joe will grow up. I don’t know.”



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