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Fifa 16 demo version review

Along with the standard tweaks to passing,
shooting and defending that come with
every release of FIFA, EA Sports have
included women’s teams for the first time
in the game’s 22 year history.
It comes off the back of the successful 2015
Women’s World Cup in Canada which drew
the highest attendances and TV viewing
figures ever seen for women’s football.
“Bringing some of the best women’s players
and teams in the world to our franchise is a
massive event for EA Sports, and we are
equally excited about bringing millions of
fans a new way to play,” David Rutter, vice
president and general manager of EA Sports
FIFA said earlier this year.

So will FIFA fans take to the new feature,
or is it little more than a gimmick?
The demo version of the game released this
week allows gamers to play with two of the
12 international sides that will be included
in the full game, with the United States and
Germany available.

The initial observation is the size of the
players in comparison to their male
counterparts. Understandably, they are on
average much shorter and slighter.
EA went to great lengths to ensure the
introduction of female players was more
than simply rendering female faces onto the
bodies of the men. Everything from running
motion, facial animations and hair
movement have been designed specifically
for the mode. The shouts of female voices
can even be heard during the game. Beyond
aesthetics, the movement of the players is
different to the men’s game.
Consequently, playing with the women’s
sides in the demo feels like a noticeably
different experience. There is more space,
and consequently more time in which to
pick passes and curate moves.

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