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Find out why your bra doesn’t always fit well

Find out why your bra doesn’t always fit well

If you’ve ever heard of the phrase “all men are created equal”, it turns out opposite when it comes to the breast – because all breasts are not created equally.

While that said, we can understand how difficult it is to find a perfect bra size when you don’t know your breast type, and as Who What Wear pointed out, finding a bra that truly fits is, for many women, is equivalent to pushing a rock up an endless mountain.

The truth is, most women shop for the bra that can hold their breast when they need it, and if it enters well, perfect. But today we got lucky to find out that they’re 7 different breast types out there – the reason why we always find it difficult to get the right bra for our beast.

Thanks to Glamour editor for contacting an expert to tackle this issue. So to know your breast type and the right bra, head over to Glamour.

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