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Lordina Mahama Bleaching

Is First Lady Lordina Mahama Bleaching? See These Photos

Now, several Ghanaians including our celebrities have disguisedly bleached their skins and have decorated their practice with fancy names such as skin toning, skin lightening, skin whitening or sometimes, skin flourishing.

Of course it is difficult to find any real difference between these words, except that, they are used to subdue the shame and societal backlash against the old way of bleaching which has become unpopular over time.

But hold, Is the First lady of Ghana, Lordina Mahama, joining in that practice?

Our gossip team have spent days trying examine a few pictures of the first lady and it looks like Madam Lordina is getting fairer and fairer. It might be the lighting of the various cameras, but take a look at one of the pictures and have a closer look at her fingers.


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