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Ghana Is Moving In A Wrong Direction- Attah Mills’ Boy

Ghana Is Moving In A Wrong Direction – Attah Mills’ Boy

Ghana is moving in the wrong direction, a trend which must be halted by changing the current government in the November 7 polls, Mr Carl Wilson, a member of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), who has now formed a new political movement ahead of the November polls, has said.

The former Head of Port Security during President John Mills’ reign, said his “Move Ghana” group will push for a non-aligned person to lead the country, since, according to him, the current government is not steering the country in the right direction.

Speaking on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana programme on Tuesday June 7, Mr Wilson said: “I strongly believe that Ghana is not going the right direction. … If you look at the concept that we [Founders of the New Movement] have come up with … I believe that a lot of people in government know about this movement, but maybe, they didn’t believe that it can see the light of the day.”

He further explained that the formation of the movement “has nothing to do with being disgruntled, with being neglected, it has nothing to do with being angry with any government or with this government. It has everything to do with my beliefs and what I think, as a political scientist, that Ghana needs and ought to do to turn the corner and then be a better place for us and for the generation that follows us”.

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“I am a Ghanaian first before a member of any political party and my actions and my movement and anything that I will come out with now, going forward, has to be seen as something that is good for this country; that is the way I will like it to be viewed.”

He said that the time has come for Ghana to be governed by an independent president who is not aligned to any political party.

“This country deserves an independent president. The problems we have as a country…there is an imbalance in the system. We are running a system that doesn’t have any checks and balances. There is nowhere in our constitution that says that, for instance, the Speaker of Parliament has to be from the Majority in parliament. … The Constitution doesn’t say that but we are running by convention, winner-takes-all [and] that has created the absence of checks and balances in the system, and that is making it difficult for whoever sits as president to rule with the powers granted to him by the Constitution.

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“So, it is not, per say, the one running but the system he inherited which is running which is the problem. …That is the system I am yearning the youth of this country to join, come together and say, ‘Enough is enough’, and then we find a solution which is to elect an independent as president of this country. The next president should not have any ties with any political party.”

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