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Ghanaian Musicians who are Openly Into Internet Scamming

In 2011, Dailymail reported that Scammers in Africa earn as much as £80million a year. Scamming, now known as sakawa in the Ghanaian parlance, has been a big deal in recent times. It is something that religious folks frown at, however, the streets embrace it. It is therefore not surprising that these musicians are okay making it public that they are either into the Yellow House game or used to be into it.

Shatta Wale


In Eno’s Dawa song with him, he came out that he had hard times but things changed when his mugu sent him money.

I hung before, then times I no fi buy Indomie, one day weh i wake up, my mugu send me control, my music too dey hit

We cannot tell if he is still into it but it definitely made an impact on his life.

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