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Ghana’s Most Beautiful’s Nasara Finally Files For Divorce

About 10 months ago, GhanaCelebrities.Com published series of articles, which stated inter alia that the marriage between Nasara (full name Nasara Miriam Abdul Rauf) of Ghana’a Most Beautiful fame and her husband Mr. Kittoe had hit the rock, over allegations that Nasara is unable to keep her legs closed and more.

The publication stated among other things that, “scandals hovering around Nasara’s marriage, which have caused her husband, a man she once boldly said on TV cannot leave her butt—is so much that, you wouldn’t even perhaps believe them all.”

And that, “the marriage between Nasara and her husband-Mr. Kittoe has turned out to be a hellish affair, clearly shown on HD to their neighbours—the couple has become talk of the Trassaco area where they reside.”

We were told Nasara was cheating on her husband with a certain man, called “Prof Dele”—and the two have on numerous occasions been spotted out and about in town.

The publication also stated that Nasara has become a heavy smoker, something like the rebirth of Bob Nesta Marley—and that she is alleged to be swinging both ways too.

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When GhanaCelebrities.Com finally got in touch with Nasara, she accepted that her marriage was facing problems–but not to degree GhanaCelebrities.Com reported.

She said: “every marriage has issues and I have been having issues with my husband recently but whatever you reported is not true–it’s not that at all.”

Now, Nasara, who has twin boys with Kittoe has finally filed for divorce in an Accra Court–with outrageous financial relief claim, GhanaCelebrities.Com has been exclusively told.

Interestingly, Nasara who became Nasara Kittoe on social media has changed her name back to her maiden name on Instagram–confirming that indeed the marriage is over.

Nasara shot to fame on winning Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2009, following which she made headlines for allegedly stealing a mobile phone belonging to Miss UK at Miss Earth 2010 pageant when the beauty queens from around the world were housed together for the competition.

Nasara was then stripped of her title by TV3 as a result of the alleged thievery and she remained relevant by showing her opulence lifestyle on social media and also for an interview in which she stated categorically without shame that she has bleached her skin.

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