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Girl weeps over her small boobs

Girl weeps over her small boobs (Photos, Video)

At first, the girl seemed to be having a good time, dancing to Adele’s Hello and shaking her heavy-looking boobs in the process.

lady weeps

She flashes a seductive, intoxicating smile, obviously enjoying herself.

girl weeps over small boobs social media

Then her mood changes.  The smile disappears. She stops to reflect. Something isn’t right.

girl weeps boobs

Suddenly, she breaks down in tears.

Lady weeps on social media

Then in a moment of wild, Nollywoodesque drama, she begins to remove pieces of clothes from the location of her boobs.

social media

woman weeps

Her seemingly large boobs aren’t real, and the reality breaks her.

woman boobs

See how her boobs look now – drastically smaller than they initially appeared.

The video, which has gone viral, has drawn laughter from many social media users, who have found the unnamed lady’s action amusing.

Watch below:

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