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My Girlfriend is cheating and I Just Find out his name

Discovering his first name was easy enough He goes by Sam

Sam did not make a gradual entrance into our relationship; he was there from the start

She did not make much of an effort to hide him in plain sight

I did not notice his aroma at first

With time, I could not ignore his pungent scent and presence anymore

His scent manifests itself on our dinner table, our couch, the bathroom, the kitchen, on our walks and in our bed

Like a tree hanging on to dear life by the roots, she became more and more dependent on Sam

Forget about the chocolate and the roses; the best gift I can give her right now is undivided attention with her beloved Sam

I miss the good old days when her attention was consistently focused on me; focused on my eyes

The good old days when I became familiar with the sensation of her fingers creeping all over me

Now her fingers are pre-occupied fiddling with Sam

Sam’s voice wakes her up every morning

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Sam’s voice reminds her to go to bed

Sam’s voice plunges me into the unpleasant zone of timeliness

I know now that I did something wrong because I miss her attention

Sam will always come calling and she will drift away from me

I hate Sam with a passion

Today, I found out Sam’s last name

Sung is Sam’s last name

SamSung has my girlfriend’s undivided attention

My girlfriend is cheating on me with SamSung

I am losing my love to SamSung

By Kwadjo Panyin



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