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How to Make Wedding-Day Tipping Totally Stress-Free

How to Make Wedding-Day Tipping Totally Stress-Free

Figuring out who to tip on your wedding day (and how much) might seem complicated, but we’ve got guidelines to help you navigate it, and some vendors even include gratuity percentages in their contract to simplify it for you. Once you’ve figured out how much to give, the question is: How should you distribute tips? Our experts have a few ideas for making wedding-day tipping totally stress-free.

Think about who you’ll want or need to tip a few weeks in advance, instead of the morning of your wedding. This will give you time to write checks, go to the bank for cash, and jot down thank you notes to include in each envelope, instead of asking your dad to locate his check book as the hair stylist is heading out the door.

While you’re at it, put each vendor’s first and last name on the envelope, and in parentheses write the service they’re providing. This way, if you’ve got the best man or your brother handing tips out, they’ll know Susan Brown is the caterer and they can look for her in the kitchen instead of wandering around asking if anyone has seen Susan. You could also ask your wedding planner if they can help you distribute gratuities at the end of the evening, ideally as different vendors are packing up so they’re not in the middle of service or rocking out on stage. Have a few extra $20s, envelopes, and cards on-hand in case you realize there’s someone you’ve forgotten.

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If it’s a vendor who doesn’t usually receive a tip (such as the florist, cake baker, or your wedding planner’s assistant) but who really blew you away on your wedding day, send a tip in the mail in the days immediately following your wedding. Be sure to include a note thanking them for going above and beyond! It will be an unexpected surprise, and the mail is an easier way to get a check to a vendor who you may not see personally during your wedding.

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