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I Have Sex Anytime I’m Going To Preach – Ghanaian Pastor Reveals

Heward-MillsPresiding Bishop of Lighthouse Chapel International,Dag Heward-Mills has lamented the bad faith of Christians with regards to having sex.

As indicated by him, some Christians when fasting or getting prepared for chapel see engaging in sexual relations as a malice thing.The Outspoken Bishop said such stance is deceitfulbecause there is nothing amiss with couples having intercourse before going to church.Citing himself as an illustration, Bishop Heward-Mills said “I have intercourse at whatever time I’m going to lecture becauseit is an intense strain reliever”.

He additionally exposed the declarations that it is medicinally wrong to engage in sexual relations with a lady while in her month to month period.In the Bishop’s view, a couple can have intercourse if the lady washes the blood off and the man utilizes a condom to keep any infection.”If you are in your period, simply wash the blood away and have intercourse” he expressed.

The Light House Presiding Bishop likewise forewarned wives who wish to fulfill their spouses orally “not to chomp the penis while sucking it”.Dag Heward-Mills encouraged Christians to stop the holier than thou state of mind and satisfy their conjugal commitments.




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