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Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless, Climbs Tall Tree & Water Tower – See Photos

We would like to thank Justin
Bieber for uploading not one, but SEVEN
new, super sexy Instagram pics! He
posed shirtless in the water, clothed in a
tree and hanging off a water tower — you
have to see these pics!

Justin Bieber , 21, is one with nature in a
series of new pics that he posted to Instagram
on September 1! We’re not sure if the sexy
pics are part of a photo shoot or if he just
took them for fun, but what we do know is
that he looks damn good in all of them!
In the first pic he posted, Justin is seen
hanging off a water tower with the caption,
“We all fly.” In the next pic, we see the Biebs
chilling in a tree — not gonna lie, these first
two pics made us nervous! He’s so high up!
Our nerves quickly banished with the next pic
because Justin ditched his shirt and returned to ground level. The next few pics were so artsy and inspirational — Justin must be feeling amazing about life at the moment, as he should! His new single is da bomb and
everyone loves it!

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