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Kanye West has stepped on the toes of Taylor Swift again — this time claiming that he made her famous. The statement came in the form of a verse from his highly anticipated album, S.W.I.S.H., Waves, The Life of Pablo, via a Tidal live-stream on Thursday.

The Chicago rapper name-dropped Swift specifically in a line from the last track on the record.

“I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex/I made that b*tch famous.”
The album was also streamed during Kanye West’s West’s New York Fashion Week show.

In case you’ve forgotten, West is referencing the infamously iconic moment where he interrupted the 1989 artist’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video award at the 2009 MTV Awards, Time writes.

And according to Kanye, Taylor Swift owes him sex for it.

Naturally, Kanye is receiving social media backlash for saying that he made Taylor Swift famous. Famed celebrity blogger Perez Hilton even weighed in among others.

The relationship between West and Swift has been baffling — to say the least. Time reports that Swift presented Kanye West with a lifetime achievement award at the VMAs this past August.

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The perceived flame between the two talented artists appeared to be quelled as Kanye announced that he “will run for president,” right before giving Taylor, “apology/thank you flowers which she posted on her Instagram.

And now all of the sudden Kanye is back to calling out Swift again. This roller-coaster of a relationship between the two is what makes many West-Swift fans speculate that the authenticity of the artist’s relationship may be nothing more than a ruse for marketing.

And apparently, Taylor Swift and Kanye were in cahoots ever since the 2009 MTV Awards. According to the website GuestofaGuest, Kanye and Swift share the same agent — therefore (if that’s true) then he was the real opportunist who made them famous, if anything.

Swift, successful in 2009 yet still a little green in her career, benefited greatly from an abrasive West snatching the mic and proclaiming that the award was stolen from the more popular artist at the time — Beyonce.

As a result, Taylor Swift naturally had her name in the headlines along with Bey. Thus, serving as an insurance policy for launching Swift into true stardom as though her own talents weren’t enough already.

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The true dynamic of Kanye and Taylor’s relationship may be up in the air. However, one thing for certain is that Kanye has been making a lot of people angry leading up to the release of The Life of Pablo.

Namely, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa have felt the wrath of “Yeezus” during a Twitter Feud with the ex couple. The Inquisitr reported that Rose herself shut the beef down by shaming West into issuing an apology.

Urban Islandz reports that Kanye’s new album is a 10-track project — just like his last album, Yeezus.

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