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KKD would even dance to my new song - Pope Skinny

KKD would even dance to my new song – Pope Skinny

Days after the release of his new controversial single KKD, Akwapim rapper and radio personality with Tema based Adom FM, Pope Skinny says his song has no point of reference to trending rape allegations levelled against renowned broadcaster and fashionista Kwasi Kyei Darkwa popularly referred to as KKD.

Speaking to Naa Klordey Odonkor on Ultimate FM in Kumasi, the hotcake hitmaker explained that unlike some movie producers and musicians who cash in on trending issues, his new song has nothing to do with the respected broadcaster and his court case.

“The song has nothing to do with him, in fact KKD are initials of my name which is Kwame K. Darko so I wonder why people think it is about the senior broadcaster”, he said.

Speaking on how Kwasi Kyei Darkwa, his relations and family would feel about the song, Pope Skinny disclosed KKD would love the song and even dance to it;

“The KKD I know is a fun loving person and would even dance to it. The song has nothing to do with his court case… The song is just a funny dance-able song and a club banger. This is not to stir controversies or to put my name out there”.

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It is however worth noting that everything about the song points to the fact the Pope Skinny is indeed talking about Kwesi Kyei Darkwa as he tends to speak about the hotel bathroom incident.

Our checks also suggest that Pope Skinny was christened Edwin Ohene Darko so where from his new name?

Check out the song below!



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