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Kwaw Kese warned - Stop tallking out of ignorance, seek education

Kwaw Kese warned – Stop tallking out of ignorance, seek education

One of Ghana’s music producers, Enoch Agyepong has described thoughts expressed by Kwaw Kese that, Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) should be dissolved as “loose” and “out of ignorance”.

Rapper Kwaw Kese in an interview with Peace FM said that, GHAMRO must be dissolved since it is not doing what it was set up to do.

According to him since GHAMRO as an organization was tasked to collect royalties on behalf of the country’s musicians, he has not received any royalties.

In an interview with GhanaGist.Com, Enock Agyepong, a music producer, said his assertions which he is putting out is without facts and ask that Kwaw Kese better seek education on what GHAMRO is, its activities and what it does in royalty payments.

He said Kwaw Kese’s talk is completely out of ignorance as he has no grips as to what the CMO is and what GHAMRO is which is entirely up to him as a music Right Owner and not as a musician.

Enock further said if Kwaw’s reason is that because he was at GHAMRO’s office sometime back and had a hard hassle with the previous board, it does not warrant his talk that GHAMRO is not worth what it was set up to do. He further said that it was in the same vein that some right owners took the matter to court for redress.

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Enoch continued that “if Kwaw Kese doesn’t understand the issues, it is better to be updated with the fact instead of making statements that show his ignorance of the business of music which he want to make money from because that is his future.”

“Today Kwaw is strong, making hits and for that matter money but what happens thereafter, which is what he has to think and care about.”

Providing tutorial on the work of GHAMRO, Mr. Agyepong explained that there is always a difference between the musician and the right owner and therefore Kwaw Kese is opportune as a right owner to make a difference by involving himself in GHAMRO activities which is the organization that collects his money for him. Kwaw Kesse future is the future of GHAMRO considering that those persons who did not help him are no more and things are being corrected”

On the issue of payment to right owners, Enock said “GHAMRO is supposed to pay right owners whose music are used royalties during their lifetime and 70 years after their death. This is an asset to both his family and dependents after one’s death, although he accepts the situation seems difficult presently. It is for this reason why some of us are sacrificing our time for free to make sure the right things are done so that all rights owner will benefit including Kwaw Kese.”

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He advised Kwaw to take part of his time off to learn the rudiments of what the industry is about so that his recording, performances and use will be of benefit to him but not to throw away the water with the baby.



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