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Ladies: Some magic uses of waist beads that will blow your mind

As a matter of fact waist beads are very powerful ‘instrument’ on the woman. They are common among the Krobos in the Eastern Regional part of Ghana.

Some ladies choose to wear them in multiples, others wear just one.

They’re made from recycled broken bottles and rubber.
The main idea behind wearing of waist beads was to check weight, so when the beads get tighter, you know you’re putting on, and when they’re loose, you know you’ve lost weight.

But in the olden days, women wore them in multiples so they could rattle as they walk in order to send signals to men. The sound of it could send signals to the male’s brain and then down to his penis to ejaculate.

When a woman is naked with the bead around her waist, it is a good sight to behold. They are worn loosely so they can rest on the V-boot, but others wear them tight on their bikini lines.

In some homes, women wear different beads to communicate to their partners.

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They have a bead they wear when they’re in their period, so when the man sees, straight away, he knows she’s in ‘Red’.

A bead to show she’s horny, those are usually made like crystals, they glitter, so when the man sees, he roots.

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